AllPar Golf Program

AllPar Program brings the enjoyment of golf to young boys and girls diagnosed with autism. It is an introduction to the game emphasizing basic information and instruction. The fundamentals are presented by the instructors and reinforced by the teaching assistants in both a classroom setting and on the practice tee. The use of Snag golf equipment, large-face plastic clubs and tennis balls, provides the first step in the learning process. The instructors present the grip and stance for a putting stroke and practice these concepts on the practice tee. Targets, placed a short distance from the golfer, are used to convey the importance of distance control and alignment. Once these skills have had a chance to sink in, chipping is introduced. The full swing is only discussed after the development of the shorter swings of putting and chipping.
Exposure to the different areas of the golf course increase the interest of the players. The practice tee and green serve as home base for the program. A walk through a few holes and the set up of a short course either on the practice range or the course help with the enjoyment of the activity.
The lesson plan provides a path of instruction. The talking points are shared with the participants in the meeting area before they proceed to the practice tee. The pace of the program depends on the development of the individual participant.

Entire families are encouraged to participate so the interest created at the program continues during family recreational opportunities.

Contact Bergenfield Public Schools Special Services at 201-385-8600 for further information.

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