Calendar: 2019

The following Golf Courses have prescheduled BC Tournaments, High Schook Tournaments, Pioneer Junior Tournaments or Private Outings on the indicated dates.  Limited tee times (if any) may be available on these dates.  (This calendar will be updated as needed.)

Darlington: 5/16, 6/17, 7/15, 7/25, 8/13
Orchard Hills: 6/22
Overpeck: 5/8, 7/22, 8/3, 9/9
Rockleigh:  5/10, 5/13, 6/13, 6/17, 6/24, 7/8, 8/5, 8/22, 9/8, 
Soldier Hill: 5/23, 7/29, 8/7, 9/19, 9/23
Valley Brook: 5/1, 5/6, 6/24, 6/26, 7/3, 7/10, 8/5, 8/12, 9/5, 9/9   

2019 Seasonal Start Times
Mar 18:  first tee time begins at 8 AM
Apr 8:  first tee time begins at 7 AM
May 13:  first tee time begins at 6:30 AM
Sept 3:  first tee time begins at 7 AM
Oct 15:  first tee time begins at 8 AM
Last Day for 2019 Season:  Sunday, Dec 15
Winter Golf @ Overpeck Begins:  Monday, Dec 16

Twilight time begins:  March & April 3 PM, May & June 4 PM, July & August 5 PM, September 4 PM, October 2 PM, November thru December 1 PM. 

Maintenance Day Schedule Each golf course is scheduled to close 9 holes one day each week for maintenance per the Golf Superintendent.  Golfers will play same 9 twice to complete 18-hole round.  Nine hole rates are available on maintenance days only.  Schedule is:
Monday - Orchard Hills is Closed & Soldier Hill will have 9 holes open, unless an outing is scheduled then the course will be closed.
Tuesday - Darlington will have 9 holes open.
Wednesday - Overpeck will have 9 holes open & Valley Brook will have 9 holes open, unless there is an outing scheduled then the course will be closed
Thursday - Rockleigh.  The 18 hole course may be Red/Red or White/White.

WEEKEND/HOLIDAY RATES will apply on the following OBSERVED HOLIDAYS:  
Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day,
Veterans Day and Day After Thanksgiving.  
All County golf courses are CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day.

WINTER GOLF:  OVERPECK will be CLOSED on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day.

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