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The Pioneer Tour is where young people meet the traditions of the game. The three stages of the program are designed as an enjoyable recreational activity that educates the new golfer. From early lessons at the Clinic to the competition of The Tour a foundation of proper etiquette, honesty, integrity, responsibility and supportive companionship prepares the participants for a life time of enjoyment on the golf course.
A Pioneer Tour event is different than a family outing. The player is responsible from the time he or she arrives until the time they leave. They sign in, listen to the instructions of the day, find their groups and starting hole, play with integrity, score for themselves and others and leave the golf course better then they found it. You are expected to carry yourself in a manner fitting the game; shirts are tucked in, hats are worn forward and a firm hand shake is expected when greeting volunteers and other players.
Traditions and rules matter. It’s a place where competition, enjoyment and respect collide but none are lost at the expense of the other. On The Tour players are randomly paired to increase the quantity of young golfers in their sphere of friends. Lifelong friendship begin when people come together to enjoy a mutual interest. The Pioneer Tour fosters that opportunity on the golf courses of Bergen County.

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