Orchard Hills Green Fees - 9 Holes Only Course

Green Fees - Resident Weekday Weekday
Weekend Weekend
Adult Reg. Res. 9 Holes * $22 NA $27 NA
Adult Reg. Res. 2nd 9 * $8 NA $8 NA
Sr/Jr Reg. Res 9 Holes * $16 NA $23 NA
Sr/Jr Reg. Res 2nd 9 * $6 NA $9 NA
Not Registered Resident (All Ages) 9 Holes $35 NA $40 NA
Green Fees - Non-County Residents (All Ages) Weekday Weekday
Weekend Weekend
Not Registered (All Ages) 9 Holes $35 NA $40 NA
Registered - 9 Holes*  $30 NA $35 NA
Green Fees - Active Military (ID required)*** Weekday Weekday
Weekend Weekend
Active Military  $10 $10 $15 $15
Practice Fee $5      
Cart Fees (Orchard Hills*) Weekday Weekday
Weekend Weekend 
Gas Cart  9 Holes*/Twilight $20 $20 $20 $20
Gas Cart 1/2 - 9 Holes*/Twilight $10 $10 $10 $10
Gas Cart 2nd 9*                                      $12 NA $12 NA
Gas Cart 1/2- 2nd 9* & Pull Cart Rate $6 $6 $6 $6

Golfers are not allowed to bring personal electric/motorized vehicles on to the golf course.

* Nine Hole Rate only at Orchard Hills Golf Course and on maintenance days at other golf courses.  Rockleigh Blue Nine Hole Golf Course has special discounted rates - $12 weekday and $17 weekend
 *** Current Active US Armed Forces ID required. 
+ Fully disabled golf card registration required, call (201) 336 7259 for qualifications. 

Reservation Fee                                             No fee charged
No Show Fee $5 per person in reservation
Registration Fee $40 Adult Resident
$25 Senior/Junior Resident
$60 Non-County
Lost Card Fee $10
Holidays:  Weekend rates will apply on all observed holidays  
Twilight Time: March & April 3PM; May & June 4PM; July & August 5PM; Sept. 4PM; Oct. 2PM; Nov & Dec 1PM.


Orchard Hills Course News

Welcome to Orchard Hills Golf Course !   

Orchard Hills is open for 2021 Season, weather and conditions permitting.

Orchard Hills will be closed on Mondays until further notice.

Review all golf course information, restrictions and 2021 registration instructions posted on home page.

Orchard Hills is a 9-holes only golf course.

Reservations can be made by clicking on Book Tee Times at the bottom of the Home Page.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your reserved time.

Cancellations or modifications must be made the day prior by 24 hours prior to reserved time in order to avoid a possible penalty assessment.

We advise all golfers to call the Info Line at 201 336 7280 prior to arrival to hear the daily course condition message.

There are only vending machines available at Orchard Hills