Soldier Hill Driving Range

The Soldier Hill Driving Range is open to the public during the regular season when the course is open and when weather and conditions permit.  
Range balls must be purchased at the Pro Shop.  Golfers are not allowed to bring and hit their own balls.

We advise all golfers to call Soldier Hill at 201 336 6031 prior to arrival to confirm if the driving range is open and the hours of operation.

NOTICE POSTED 10/26/22:  The Driving Range will be closed until further notice.

Soldier Hill Driving Range is closed during the winter..


Soldier Hill Course News

Welcome to Soldier Hill 

Soldier Hill Golf Course is open for the 2022 season, weather and conditions permitting.

Review all golf course notices, restrictions and other information 
posted on the
home page.

Reservations can be made online by clicking Book Tee Times on bottom of the home page or by calling the Reservation Call Center at 201 336 7277.

Cancelllations or modifications must be made by 24 hours prior to the reserved time in order to avoid a possible penalty assessment.

Golfers are advised to always call the Golf Info Line at 201 336 7280 to hear the daily course condition message prior to arrival at the golf course.