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EZLinks Online Reservations:  Scroll Down To See List of Booking Links Below.  

Registered golfers can make reservations up to 7 days in advance with the seventh day becoming available at 7:00 PM - See Individual Membership Category Booking Links Below.  
Not Registered golfers can make reservations up to 3 days in advance with the third day becoming available at 12:00 AM midnight on the first day - See the Not Registered Golfers Booking Link Below. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Reservations must be cancelled or modified by 24 hours prior to the reserved time to avoid a penalty assessment hold on the account.  Reservations can be cancelled 24 hours prior by calling the Reservation Call Center at 201 336 7277 or on-line by signing in and going to My Account, select Pending and click on "x" next to the pending reservation to be cancelled or modified.  Please be courteous to your fellow golfers and cancel in a timely manner.  Cancellations less than 24 hours prior can only be made my calling the golf course directly and may incur a penalty assessement unless cancelling same day due to weather prohibiting play or for cart rule restrictions.  Failure to cancel a reservation will result in a penaalty assessment hold on the account.

Golfers are required to check in one-half hour before their reserved time.

Reservations are nontransferable.  The golfer who makes the reservation is responsible for the tee time and must be playing.

There is a maximum of two carts allowed per foursome.  Half-cart rates are in effect and two players per cart will be required whenever possible.

A golfer may book only (1) one tee time per day for up to (4) four players.

There are no rain checks or refunds after teeing off.

Spectators/Non-golfers are not allowed on any golf course.

Golfers are responsible to review home page for any current restrictions that may be in place at our golf courses.

Golfers are advised to call the Golf Info Line at 201 336 7280 to hear the daily course condition message at a golf course prior to arrival at a golf course.  An advance reservation does not guarantee a golf course will be open.

EZLinks Online Reservations:  See List of Booking Links Below.  

For Completed Renewals, you can just proceed to sign into your previously set-up membership account. 
For Completed New Registrations, if you do not receice a Registration Confirmation Email with Username and Password set-up instructions; you can go to your membership category URL (see below) and click on "Sign In" then click on "Forgot Username or Password" and enter your Username as BCG-membership number (use membership number printed on front of card by barcode) and you will receive an email with a temporary password to use to sign into your membership account.  Once you have signed in and can successfully make reservations; then you can go to My Account under Contact Information and change your password.   
You cannot create an account and have your membership recoznized.  You must sign into your membership account in order for EZLinks to recognize your membership

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