GHIN Handicapping Service

Handicapping Service is provided at the Bergen County golf courses by the New Jersey State Golf Association (NJSGA), via the USGA’s Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN). Golfers must choose a home course to host the service.  

The GHIN program involves the transmission and tracking of golf scores via GHIN computers located at the courses. Golfers can post their scores from the course, over the internet at the NJSGA website ( or through the new NJSGA/GHIN mobile app for iphone and android users.

The handicapping service requires registration each season which runs from April 1 through November. Players will receive bi-weekly handicap revisions via the NJSGA’s e-bulletin.

Click here to Print USGA GHIN Application.

Member of the NJSGA

Once your NJSGA/GHIN Handicap is activated you will have full access to the following core NJSGA Member Services:

  • GHIN - On-line Score Posting, Handicap Lookup, and keep your golf stats with eGolfer
  • NJSGA E-Benefits - Discount golf for NJSGA Members from NJSGA Member Golf Clubs and Courses
  • Member Golf Days - One Day Net Events held at exclusive golf clubs for NJSGA members of varying skill levels.
  • Championships - Test your skill with New Jersey's best of the best in the NJSGA's elite State Championships.
  • NJSGA Golf Magazine - NJSGA members can have the magazine mailed to their homes quarterly at no cost.

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